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Binary options trading in Mexico – Is it legal? Where to trade?

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Mexico’s derivatives trading market, which includes binary options trading, is still in a nascent stage, albeit with bright prospects. Although political developments in the US have a meaningful influence on all markets (stock, currency, commodity and derivatives markets), the Mexican economy is gradually integrating into the global value chain.

Markets in Mexico are also driven by crude prices, with the country being the world’s ninth-largest oil producer.

IQ Option is one of the most advanced and modern platforms for trading binary options in Mexico developed by a group of leading analysts, professional traders, and IT-specialists. You can trade a variety of assets and also IQ Option platform supports a few types of options.

Trade during normal market hours or even 24/7, trade from anywhere – any PC with an internet connection or IOS or Android mobile device. Low minimum deposit amount ($10) and low minimum transaction ($1) make this binary options trading platform really attractive for anyone who is willing to try trading binary options in Mexico. IQ Option supports many local currencies and languages and you can enjoy the best binary options trading experience in such a beautiful country as Mexico is.

There is a potential profit of up to 91% in the case of correct prediction. Read our IQ Option review to find out more about this amazing broker.

Our IQ Option review

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IQ Option Review – Is it SCAM or LEGIT broker?
FREE DEMO ACCOUNT$ 10Up to 100 % (in case of correct prediction)!*ReviewTrade Now!
*in case of correct prediction
Good news for the binary options market is that transactions are now being regulated and the market is becoming increasingly diversified in the near future.

The global financial crisis of 2008 highlighted the shortcomings of financial authorities in safeguarding risks in the derivatives market. Mexico’s over-the-counter binary trading is a case in point, where uncertainty and lack of information posed significant risks to traders. Binary trading in Mexico has benefited in recent years from initiatives undertaken by the G20. The Group of 20 is an international forum of governments and central bank governors from 20 countries, namely Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, the US, Canada, the EU, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Australia.

The G20 urged all OTC derivative transactions to be reported to TRs (trade repositories), making ample data available for risk analysis and decision making by market participants.

“By 2014, Mexico’s banking and securities regulator published new rules to regulate the derivatives market, both to promote transparency and bring about order in the market.”

This has been critical in promoting Mexico’s binary options trading, the majority of which is still transacted over the counter, rather than through exchanges.

Trading Platforms

Brokerage firms in Mexico offer trading platforms based on MetaTrader 4 and 5 for binary options trading. However, the trading platform itself could be a proprietary one, specific to a brand or a brokerage.

For instance, Murex offers a platform called MX.3 and MexTrade Capital offers Markets Trader. As we told, the IQ Option has its own amazing platform, so you don’t need any additional platform.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Here’s a look at the most commonly available modes of deposit and withdrawal for binary options trading in Mexico not just with IQ Option broker:

  • Electronic fund transfers: interbank and intrabank fund transfers in Mexico are processed by the SPEI and CCEN. While the country’s central bank owns and operates the former, the latter is operated by a private owner, CECOBAN.
  • Payment gateways: Payment gateways such as PayPal are also accepted in Mexico. This is usually a safe method since such accounts are linked to bank accounts, which makes it simpler to verify the broker and the trader. In fact, the Mexican government encourages the use of electronic means of monetary transactions, rather than cash or cheques, in an attempt to make the system more efficient and transparent.
  • Online banking: Internet banking has emerged as a convenient way to make transactions, even on the go, without having to rely on payment gateways or plastic money. Direct transfer and deposit of funds can be done to an account online.
  • Credit & debit cards: While the multinational Mastercard, Visa and American Express cards are popular in Mexico too, issued via the country’s banks, such as BanCoppel and Banco Azteca.
  • Cheques: While this form is acceptable, it takes much longer to be processed than all the other forms mentioned above. Which is why most people prefer other means of deposit and withdrawal, rather than cheque-based transactions.
iqoption mexico deposit methods

Deposit methods at IQ Option platform for Mexican people.

Binary options trading in Mexico (FAQ)

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that users have about binary options in Mexico.

  • Are binary options legal in Mexico?

Yes, they are legal. They are beginning to be increasingly regulated, providing greater transparency into the transactions. It is not, however, an organized market yet.

  • Is it safe to trade binary options in Mexico?

While it may be safe to trade binaries in Mexico, the fact that it is still at a nascent stage and unorganized could result in uncertainties. Best to research the broker you wish to trade with. Always trade with regulated brokers like the IQ Option.

  • Can I make money with binary options in Mexico?

Yes, of course! For example by trading Mexican peso. The Mexican peso is highly volatile and offers opportunities to record profits. However, one needs to make highly informed decisions and trade knowing the risks involved. But, there are hundreds of instruments you can trade, not just the peso (facebook shares, gold, silver, etc…)!

Start trading with IQ Option today!

BrokerBonusMin DepositPayoutReviewOpen Account
IQ Option Review – Is it SCAM or LEGIT broker?
FREE DEMO ACCOUNT$ 10Up to 100 % (in case of correct prediction)!*ReviewTrade Now!
*in case of correct prediction


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