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Interview with IQ Option Account Manager

iqoption-en-logoToday, we have prepared an interview with a member of the IQ Option account managers team, Angelo Ionnad. What is the position of an account manager? And what does the account manager do? You will learn this in our today’s interesting interview.

Unfortunately, it was not me who did the interview. Therefore some of the questions are to me somewhat dull. However, I think that it is interesting to see things from the opposite perspective. I felt that the interview contained a few elements worth explaining. Which is what I did at the end of the article.

Please introduce yourself. Tell us what is your education, what are your hobbies and how long have for been working here?

A few words I would use to describe myself are: friendly, helpful, reliable and trustworthy. I am a very determined and highly motivated person.

I am a quite easy going to work with. Above all, I am a positive and enthusiastic person and I relish challenge.

After finishing my education I discovered a passion for wine so I followed a few courses in sommelier and wine service. From this brief passion of mine my palette and taste buds got stimulated and enhanced. This lead to discovering one of my greatest talents – cooking. When I have time off and away from my office I love travelling to new destinations, enjoying the beauty of our planet. Therefore I enjoy the opportunity to work for IQ Option Group, which I joined at the end of May 2016. I hope I have a long future with this great company. .

What sort of work do you do? Who do you call, and what does your workday consist of?

As a VIP account manager my job is to assists my traders with getting familiar with all the features and functions available on our platform to help them improve their trading knowledge and results.

Every morning after greeting my colleagues I first check my call-back request, then I reply to my e-mails and I will welcome some new traders to our platform. Throughout the day I check for any market info and news that I maybe able to provide my traders with. There is always something new on our platform and in the news so there is always something that needs to be done.

IQ Option is developing and growing so rapidly. Can you tell us some news of the platform?

Some of the latest developments on our platform are:

The buyback option, upon many requests we have delivered this service. This gives you the option to sell a trade before its expiration time – either to take a profit or to salvage part of the total investment in the case the trade does not evolve under your expectations.

New assets are always added to our platform, every month we organise 4-6 tournaments for traders to participate in. There is always something new, unique and exciting on at IQ Option.  Watch this space…

What are the tournaments?

Speaking about tournaments, a personal favourite of mine is a competition between our traders. Using a fictional balance all participants start with the same amount with the single target to increase the balance as much as possible until the predetermined end..

At the end, the top 30 finishers will share the pool prize with the winner taking the highest amount leading down to the 30th place.

Why are traders sometimes not able to purchase an option? What are the reasons for it?

There are several questions that appear during trading. The most common ones are “the price of an asset has changed” which usually pops up during high volatility and “no options available for this expiration”

In this case we are setting up Exposure according to statistics and asset popularity. At night there is much less trading activity so the exposure is reduced. We revise these values once a month and they are constantly growing. Information about the availability of options is completely open and visible to every trader in real time during trading. e.

We have certain obligations to our traders and we need to guarantee we will pay in case of profit. that’s why we have such restrictions on the number of options.

Because this interview is an old one the “buy me out” (buyback feature is mentioned as an innovation.  Those of you who have been involved in trading with IQ Option a bit longer surely now of its availability. Let me mention one thing: Within 3 seconds from opening a trade you can buy out an option at 100% of its price i.e. without loss. This feature was made available by the broker because of the regulator, CySEC, that insisted on it.

As far as tournaments are concerned, we have already mentioned this event at our website (IQ Option tournaments) so there is not much to add. Yet, I’d like to comment the last answer. It contains a reply to an answer I was asked several times in the past. To be honest, I didn’t know the answer, either. Now I know. It is obvious that the broker has a limited amount of dollars accepted per option.

Hypothetically, if the limit is (roughly) $100.000 per CALL options and $100.000 per PUT option and the indicator on the left-hand side of the platform shows a lot of traders speculating for growth it may be the case that the limit for call options has been reached, which is why you cannot open the trade. In the opposite direction you can. It’s because the limit for put options has not been reached yet. According to Angelo’s explanation in the interview, the broker must make sure that he does not go bust if all traders succeed and he has the obligation to pay out all successful brokers.

Don’t you believe that IQ Option is the best broker?

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34 Responses to “Interview with IQ Option Account Manager”

  1. Hello I have tried trading binary but I have failled to raise some good money can I get atlest some where legitimate where I can make an investment so that I raise my school fees

  2. ello,I met Bitcoin mining account manager Binary trader on instagram. I purchased bitcoin via Luno and send to him to do the trading.
    So now this coming Friday he said I will need to withdraw my profit but I must send cash of transfer(COT) before Friday so that my withdrawal will will be enable.

    Is there something like that when it comes to withdraw your profit or am I being scammed?


    1. Dear Bonile. Even though this has nothing to do with IQ Option, I would never advise you to do any kind of deal you are offered on instagram! It is full of scammers! Think about it, why would any 100% legit business be advertised in instagram direct messages? I wish you best of luck to try to withdraw any money from them.

    2. Looks like you need what you got coming … hopefully it will wake up that brain of yours and save you from lots of pain in the future.

  3. Hi, I opened a trading account with another broker. Wondering, an account manager that pressurises to deposit money, to trade signals agressively before being able withdraw (vague term and conditions), is this a red flag? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jonathan. Depends on the broker. If it’s a legit broker such as IQ Option, this should not happen and you could report your manager’s behavior, but besides that everything should be fine. However if it’s a sketchy broker with no trust, no reviews on the internet and so on, I recommend to withdraw all the money from them.

    1. Hello, you mean an account with an account manager who helps you to trade? I think that IQ Option offers “managers” just for a VIP account. They sometimes change the conditions so you should better check it with their support.

    1. Hello, you never know, haha. No, I’m just kidding. The account manager should have the official email, something like [email protected] + you can ask on the support I guess if it’s not a scam and the manager is real.

      If you have any other questions, let us know, thank you.

  4. Is it possible to have a trusted account manager to do the trading on your behalf .I have been scammed so many times by people claiming to be account managers. ..people I found on Facebook

    1. Billy, I would never trust anyone like that. 99% of people like this are scam artists and many people have lost their investments this way. Beware!

        1. Hi Odean, unfortunately, since this keeps changing quickly, we do not have an updated list. However, never trust anybody who apporaches you through facebook or other social media. Only use the support chat and call implemented in the IQ Option platform.

    1. Hello,

      it depends on which language you speak and from the country you are. If you want to speak with them in English, this contacts should work:

      United Kingdom
      +44 20 8068 0760 (London)
      +44 80 0069 8644

      Let us please know if it worked for you.

      Thank you.

      1. hello my name is Wisdom, am really interested in binary options.. I have lost money in it through some supposed account manager, I need a real account manager ..please could you contact me…?

        1. Dear Wisdom, did you trade with IQ Option or some other broker? And how did you get in touch with your manager? Was it a real manager, or was it an online scammer?

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