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Binary Options Indicators

Different indicators for MT4 available for download

You’ll find plenty of indicators on this page that can be used for binary options trading. After downloading individual indicators it is important to move them to indicators’ folder. You’ll find it after opening MT4, on the top left corner click on File -> Open Data Folder. Afterwards, open folder MQL4 and there you’ll find another folder called Indicators. Copy all your downloaded indicators from our website to this folder.
After downloading and copying indicators to the above mentioned folder, it’s important to turn Meta Trader 4 on and off, so that the indicators can show up and work properly.


Indicator ALARM4U will enable you to set up pop up notifications,when the price will be moving closer to trend, horizontal, vertical or fibonacci lines set up by us. Instructions here.


P4L Candle Time

This simple, easily comprehensible and useful indicator that will, after adding it, draw next to the actual candle a time that’s left until the candle expires, which is always useful, especially if you trade with TopOption or 24Option, because these brokers don’t offer trades that expiry in a certain time, but they expire at a certain time. Instead of 15 minute expiration, you can also have 20 or even 7 minute one.


TS_Market Price

This is another indicator that rather then helping us with the trade itself, it makes our work and orientation in a graph easier. Its main and only use is – to show actual price of an asset in big and visible letters, not the tiny little once that can be found in mt4 from the beginning. Really, don’t expect anything else than clarity and simplification.



Indicator ADX varSmz will draw ADX curves that are used to determine the strength of a current trend and its possible shift. More information on how ADX works can be found here:


Color Stochastic

Stochastic is an indicator(oscilator) that shows when the market has a tendency to shift. Its value ranges between 0 and 100. If the curve is above 80 it means that the market is overbought and has a tendency to shift and vice versa, if its below 20 the market has a tendency to turn higher.


More binary options indicators

Which binary options indicators are the best? Which ones do people like the most? Let us know in the comment section below!

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