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The Brit Method

The Brit Method

  • They will steal your money
  • Using unregulated scammy broker

The Brit Method, a scam with a life too long. Heads up! This is not a joke. This website is a scam. By encouraging you to invest your money with a scammy broker PWR Trade the software attempts to get money from you.  This all happens while they’re promising a lot of easy money.

A too good to be true story

On the website there is a story about a man who wants to help to get wealth of our dreams. If you ask me, I would tell you immediately this is nonsense and fraud. Unfortunately there are still people who trust this.

Our dear  saviour Jayson Taylor invented a method with the potential to earn millions. He called this method the “Brit Method”. In his video, Jayson is promising that within 30 days the trader would earn 100 000 Euros  . If not, he is going to give us 10 000 EUR in cash as a compensation. Right when he says this sentence, the video shows a huge “GUARANTEED” sign.

Don’t you think this sounds too good to believe? How could he give us anything without knowing each other or without knowing each other’s contact details? If you do think that it’s BS, then you are right.

Why this is a scam

Trying to boost its credibility, the website supports its statements with evidence (including video testimonials of people reportedly earning hundreds of thousands). Nothing unique, everybody can buy videos with people selling their faces for whatever reason –  see It only costs a few pounds.

The voice in which the video is presented lacks any colour. All this suggests that the product was bought from one of the above-mentioned servers and that the website was developed by a foreigner who, along with the Brit Method, is the author of other “methods” – the Czech Method, the Aussie Method, the Svenska Method etc..

This crook simply picked up various countries, made x variations of this scam, changing a few details. Why would he do it this way? Why did he not use the same name for all countries with his scammy websites, just like OptioNavigator or ProfitOnline did? In my view, it is a psychological trick. Seeing the name of your country in the title makes you subconsciously believe that it is more trustworthy.

Btw. tricks with human psychology are normal in this type of fraudulent websites. Of course, the system also shows the countdown indicator showing you how much time you have “to get scammed” This is nothing else than another way of psychological pressure on poor naive users.

brit method stats

The chart clearly shows the mounting publicity of this fraud in the recent months.

Initially, I did not mean to mention this website at all to avoid spreading PR. I believed that all this would have disappear soon after it had emerged. Like other scams of this type. But this has not happened  The Brit Method has been active for more than a year. As you can see in the above picture in the recent months someone has re-visited the spreading of this scam by e-mail. Seems like the last attempt to “squeeze money” out of naive traders? 🙁

Experience with the Brit Method

brit method interface

Typical fraudulent software used by all robots: “One size fits all”

It would not be me, if I did not scrutinise this fraud in more detail.  The system works as follows: Immediately after typing your e-mail you will get to the website of the fraudulent system with a fraudulent demo account. Like in the case of Binary Options Robot. The demo account works smoothly as it should generating money until you reach the stage of trading with real money. Then the money disappears soon after you start the robot.

Unlike demo accounts used by fraudulent systems such as this one, a fair demo account for binary options trading (such as the one used by IQ Option) is always transparent and up and running. Give it a try!

Conclusions; lessons to learn

Of course this is a shameless fraud which, I hope, will disappear soon. It is sad but traders who suffered losses “thanks” to this software will not see their money again. Yet, what we can do is to attempt to find out some kind of protection for the future…

>> If you have any experience with this website let me know in the COMMENTS section

The Brit Method Pros

  • No pros!

The Brit Method Cons

  • They will steal your money
  • Using unregulated scammy broker

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