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Olymptrade – Legitimate Platform or a Scam?

olymp trade logoOlympTrade is a trading platform that is designed for all types of investors and traders in mind, from the experienced investors to individuals who want to get a taste of the market. Today, it’s considered as one of the leading trading platforms, allowing its members to get engaged with online trading and forex trading.

As a leading trading platform, OlympTrade provides the market with a one-stop hub for trading, complete with easy-to-understand trading tools and resources that are easy to follow and understand. In an effort to position its brand as one of the leading trading platforms, OlympTrade strives to provide the best trading experience, and at the same time helping its members (traders) get the right skills and boost their income along the way.

OlympTrade real reviews: Is it a scam?

OlympTrade is, of course, widely reviewed online, and majority of these reviews are positive. Our team managed to check and read some of the reviews posted in the top websites and community forums in different parts of the world including Russia, Brazil and United Kingdom.

And based on our casual reviews, we found out that this platform is easy to use, offering its members with friendly services, especially when it comes to funding and withdrawing from accounts. Some reviewers also noted the ability of the platform to allow customers to earn up to 90 percent profit on each profitable trade. In all reviews, customers and traders are one in saying that Olymp Trade offers a satisfying platform for trades.

BrokerBonusMin DepositPayoutReviewOpen Account
Olymp Trade Review – Is it SCAM or LEGIT broker?
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Negative trader reviews:

This trading platform ha also, naturally, received a number of negative reviews and feedback from verified customers. According to some reviews that are posted online, the trading platform is a scam, and will not allow its members to withdraw their funds. However, according to other people, common sense and our examination, these are empty accusations that can all be simply explained below.

Issue No. 1: Customers cannot withdraw their money.

Withdrawal is subject to certain conditions as explained by the following:

  • Customers are advised to verify their identities within a few days of registration and before depositing money.
  • The wagering requirements must be met, if the trader accepts to receive the trading bonus. The wagering requirements are set at x30 the bonus amount.

If these conditions are not met, then the withdrawal of the bonus funds will not be allowed. However, both of the reasons for canceling a withdrawal mentioned above are the same with all brokers in the world. Because of regulations, you are required to verify your identity with ALL brokers. In case you face the same problems, then it’s highly recommended to coordinate with Customer Support.

Issue No. 2: Customers are losing their money

Keep in mind that trading is all about risks, and there’s a big chance that you will lose money when you engage in this business. If you want to take the risk, then it’s better to be prepared. One thing that you can do is to try first the demo version of the trading platform before trading for real money.

It’s the nature of trading. Some people make money while the others lose. This is not a reason for calling a broker out. That’s why we always recommend trading on the demo account first, before depositing any real money. Also, keep learning about trading.

After all: Is OlympTrade a Legitimate Trading Platform?

Based on the assessment of the services and business practices, we can say that Olymptrade is not a scam. If indeed this was scamming company, then the most established and experienced investors and traders would have left the platform. Also, they could have left the most painful negative reviews for the trading platform. Based on available evidence and details, it seems that this trading platform offers a legitimate trading opportunity. The website offers transparency, and interested customers and traders can easily know and verify the services, starting from money management to order placement.

How to verify account at OlympTrade?

If you are from Nigeria, India, Pakistan, UK, wherever, the process of verification is the same for everybody on this planet. We are getting more and more questions about “how to verify my account”, “what documents do they want” etc… Please read this below carefully and keep in mind, that the process of verification is still the same and same for everybody, so you don’t need to worry about anything! Let’s go.

So to complete the verification (to withdraw your money) you need to send these documents:

  1. A photo where you hold your passport/ID card in expanded form and where they can see your face and the details in the passport/ID. It’s like a selfie with an appropriate document – nothing more. Note that the photo must be from your shoulders up and it must be easily seen (no blurry). Like on the image below.olymptrade verification
  2. Then you need to send them also the photo/scan of the appropriate document that you want to use – ID or passport.
  3. If you used for the deposit a credit card, you also need to send photo/scan of the card from which the payment was made. On the card, the first 6 and last 4 digits, name and surname must be seeable. The validity of the card and the rest of digits can’t be seeable (cover it). The reverse side of the card doesn’t need to be present (they don’t need it).
  4. If you used for the deposit an electronic wallets – A photo/screenshot of the personal electronic purse (Skrill for example) need to be also sent (screen the detail of your account). The information you need to provide is – the picture of number, owner’s name, and the second photo/screenshot must be of that right money transfer (that one your transferred money to OlympTrade).

Where to send the documents? 

Upon receipt of the verification request, all the necessary documents must be sent to the e-mail – [email protected] together with the login (the login is the email address) you put during registration.

How long does verification take? Processing of the documents takes up to five business days. And the result of the document verification you will find on your email because you will receive an email with notification about the result.

That’s it – If you need to help with the verification, let us know and we will try to help you.

Corporate Information

OlympTrade is a legitimate and licensed broker which is recognized by the Financial Commission. As part of the commission, each trading account has insurance for $20,000.

More info about OlympTrade



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202 Responses to “Olymptrade – Legitimate Platform or a Scam?”

  1. This is very important to complete verification in time. Not only for the sake of bonuses from Olymp Trade (which is indeed very motivating factor by itself) but in order to avoid issues with your account in future. You can forget to complete the verification and you will only remember about it when you try to complete the withdrawal. Broker has the right to lock your account in this case until your verification is completed. Sure enough you’ll be able to unlock it by providing all the paperwork. But agree, this is much easier to do it all at once. This is not just Olymp’s requirement. Its anti money laundry legislation that we all have to obey.

  2. I live in Ghana, West Africa. Can I trade with Olymp Trade? And do you have clients from Ghana, West Africa who I can contact?

  3. Please my administrator.this is my first time to deposit money in my real in nigeria.i use fcmb Visa card it keep on saying transation declined.i tried to use Netterler and Skrill still it can not work.please I want to no whether the fault is from my fcmb bank or from my olumpic account.

    1. Unfortunately, they don’t. But you can still open MT4 and analyse the markets there. Then, when you see a good trade opportunity, just open the trading platform in a new window and open the trade.

    1. Hi Jinadu, There should be no minimum withdrawal as long as you want to withdraw more than the fees – the fees vary in each country and for each method, so I cant tell you the exact number.

  4. Could you please enlighten me on the depositing options of this broker? More particularly, do they differ for specific countries, or not? The point is, I’ve heard one can top up the account with bitcoins, and yet there’s no such option in my personal account.

  5. I trade on olymptrade, I requested for a withdrawal of 20$, 10$ was sent to me and they told me the next 10$ has being processed and will be sent to me the next working days. Why can’t my money be sent whole. I need answers please

    1. Dear Emmanuel, I think the problem is that you only deposited 10 dollars with your card. The way it works is that the broker can only return the amount of the deposit to your card – not more. The rest has to be sent in a different way – through an eWallet or WireTransfer maybe.

      1. I am facing the same problem, although olymptrade only deposited $20 to my account instead of $36 but now theres no balance left to tranfer to the e wallet please assist

  6. I have a question regarding the bonus you are getting while depositing for the first time. Is it true, that even if I lose the money I deposited? So if I make 1000 dollars deposit, I will get another 1000 dollars as a bonus, and then I lose 1000 dollars in deals I will still have that 1000 on my account? And I will be able to trade this money but don’t withdraw? And when I start to get the income, will I be able to withdraw all the profit?

  7. olymp trade is a big scam,there demo trade is completely different from what you see on live needed to see what the platform was doing immidiately they got me as client in there cage.i took time to compare the live and demo but its all fake people.i understand onlin trading very well demo was wonderful.coming to live jesus its nothing to right home about.there is nothing anyone will tell me about them.i entered a trade in live ,a selling ,market same time as in my demo also,demo turn out well while live start illegal shaking at the end of the day my live came out losee.
    they are criminalsssssssssssssssssssss

      1. Hi, I just want to ask if we can upload our verification documents on the platform upon registration instead of sending our documents to an emails. And beside. Is it save to send our sensitive documents to an email I?

    1. Hello,

      In most cases, the verification is done during the first withdrawal. When you request a withdrawal for the first time with an unverified account, you shall receive an electronic letter through your email asking you to submit documents for account verification.

      Have a nice day.

  8. I just deposited into my live account.And I have traded and I withdrew my profit,but they said I should expect the money in the next five working days.
    I need your help because the money has been deducted.

  9. It’s more than a year that I’ve been trading with Olymp Trade, and generally I’m satisfied. Making deposits and withdrawing money to the e-wallet is quute convenient, plus, the platform itself is totally user-friendly. In the near future, I’m planning to upgrade my account to VIP. I’ve already received profit on the first deposit, so I need to add just a couple hundred dollars to gather the necessary amount. I read that VIPs get the payout rate of as much as 90%. I wonder how many assets does this relate to, or is it just the EUR/USD currency pair?

  10. Hi, does this olymptrade broker require a certain amount deposit of registration or is it free? And what is it all about I mean what is to be traded?

    1. Dear Kay, the minimum deposit required is 10 US dollars and the min trade amount is 1 US dollar. You don’t need to deposit if you only want to trade on demo account.

  11. Please in all your explanations above, did someone needs to send all the verification before depositing or after depositing and I Want to ask if OlympTrade has just only one app or they has many cause some may be scam and some may be real

    1. Dear Samuel, it depends on your country. Sometimes you need to send documents before depositing, but some times after doing so. But be assured it’s safe and they won’t use it for anything bad. I have personally sent documents to more than 10 broker in the past 5 years and have never had any problem.

        1. Hello, the maximum withdrawal amount is limited only by your bank or e-wallet. The verification procedure does not depend on the amount of withdrawal.

          Let us know, if you need more help.

  12. Is it a must we scan an energy bill because I don’t make those kind of payment directly that’s the job of my landlord

  13. Thanks J. pro for your comments so far
    Talking about account confirmation, must the name on the utility bill/ electric bill corresponds with my name? If yes, what should i do, because am not staying in my own house, the name on my electric bill is not bearing my name.

    1. Collins, if you can’t use utility/electric bill, you can use the bank account statement which contains your address – that’s the easiest way.

  14. I am a Nigerian, please I want to know if I can withdraw to my naira debit card if I use it to fund my olymptrade account. Thank you.

  15. thks for ur review on this trading platform… I have few questions.. 1st of all.. hw long can one trade before he start withdrawing.

    2nd, is there any commission charge at the point of withdrawer?

    3rd, what are the disadvantages of receiving bonus while depositing…

    lastly, if I deposited thru the mobile app, who is my broker. thks

    1. Bolaji, thanks for your questions. You should be able to withdraw even on the same day as you deposit – no problem. The withdraw fees vary and depend on your country and the method you use for withdrawal. Wire transfers have a fee for sure, but withdrawals to e-wallets like Skrill should be free. I do not recommend the bonus feature, because according to the terms and conditions, if you accept a bonus of (for example) 100 USD, you will have to make trades in the total value of 4 000 USD in order to be able to withdraw your money.

  16. A highly innovative company Olimp Trade is constantly inventing various things to provide its customers with profit. Only at the moment there are at least 3 options that will prevent a trader from loosing money. Stop out is my favourite. It will close a deal automatically if the price of the asset begins to decrease after purchase.

  17. Those promoting olymptrade…

    Why is it always Porsche Panamera, same story every time. No one is coming up with real testimonial, Background pictures with the so called Porsche Panamera is not Nigeria. Stop lying and give us the raw testimonial. Every testimonial about those trade is always Porsche Panamera and no one have ever shown real picture of this car with him/her self inside with a Nigeria background, I am interested in this trade but the testimonials each time doesn’t look real. How can you make your first money and use it to buy expensive car immediately without first solving the basic needs. At least no one is a child that cannot differentiate between internet picture and real life pictures taken in Nigeria Kano state to be precise

    1. Hello, thank you for sharing your story. Can you tell us more?

      From your comment I understand that there is some commercial advertisement in Nigeria for OlympTrade broker, is that right?

      Let us know more info. Thank you.

  18. Hello sir, my problem is just this verification, you know here in Nigeria some of us like me don’t have a plastic ID card only a laminated paper ID, and anytime I snap and send it is always declined

    1. Hello, thank you so much for your comment. I guess it doesn’t matter if your plastic or laminated ID card, it’s still an ID card, so there must be a different problem. Maybe it’s a problem that it’s laminated I realy don’t know because I never heard about this problem, so I can’t really help you right now.

      Read these articles and maybe you will find a response to your question:

      In case you need more help, let us know 🙂 have a nice day.

  19. I have been trading on the Olymp Tradeinvestment platform for long . The profit is average, at the level of 15% per year with passive investment, taking dividends into account . There is a bonus program. 30% is given for depositing. I am glad that there are such platforms in the Internet.

  20. Hi, thanks for this post. I’m new on olyp trade and I’m still learning. I actually made deposit with my master debit card. Please I wish to know what I need to do when it’s time for me to make a withdrawal. Thanks

    1. Dear Ezoh, you can just go to your profile, then click withdrawal and choose your preferred withdrawal method and the amount. Then, everything should go smooth as long as you are verified.

  21. Please i want to know, am a Nigerian and i want to invest in olymptrade. But i operate aa naira account is possible for me to withdraw my earnings to my naira account?. i’d appreciate if you give me an answer. thanks

  22. I have been using the Olympic trade DEMO for a week now,I want start the main account next week, but now that I hear about verification, I have some questions to ask.
    1: Do I need to verify before I deposit or after I deposit?
    2: Do I need to send only one of the documents you mentioned or all of them?
    3:I try to verify my email but the code doesn’t work and for the same I don’t even get the code at all on my phone.
    please I will be glad if you can answer all my questions.

    1. Hello, sorry for our late reply.

      1) You need to verify your account at the time you want to make a withdraw
      2) You just need one of the documents.
      3) Hmm, that’s really weird. So you weren’t able to confirm your email address?

      Let us know, if you have still some troubles, we will try to help you.

  23. Hello I wanna verify my account with the required documents but I only have a national Voters card and student ID card…. Wanna know if that is gonna be valid

    1. Hello, you need to be over 18 to be able to trade, that’s the first thing. And about the documents, I think you will be not able to verify your account with these types of document, but you can try it. For sure you can do it with passport, driving license and ID card.

    1. Hello, I don’t think so. Because usually, you need to have the credit card with the same name as the trading account. But you can try it and you will see.

  24. Please I want to make a deposit into my real account but there is no option for verve, visa or master card pls how do I go about it I need to deposit into my real account today thanks

    1. Hello, when you are logged in, you don’t have there any options for depositing money? That’s really weird. Did you verify your trading account?

  25. I lost a lot of money to Bitconnect,magnum and CT options. I tried hiring a lawyer but ended up loosing even more money.

    1. Hello, that’s really sad. Next time you should be more careful and aware of the pyramid schemas like the Bitconnect was. Remember – if it sounds to go to be true, it’s usually not true.

  26. thank you sir for this information. My question is as a Nigerian , can I transfer My money directly to My olymp trade account or I must go through other processes.
    secondly, how is or are the exchange rate done, e.g if I deposit $20 how much will I recieve in My olymp account. thanks

    1. Hello, you are welcome 🙂 To your questions. Yes – you can directly transfer your money to the broker. You can do it via bank transfer or credit/debit card. If you will deposit 20 USD, you will have 20 USD on your account. If your bank account is in USD, you will not pay an exchange fee, but if you have an account in a different currency that broker offers, you will need to pay this fee. This fee is set up by a bank and it’s usually a really small sum. Check more info at your bank about exchange rates.

      Let us know if you have any other problem.

  27. if i have multiple olymp trade account will it be a reason to block my account? what happen if someone use my computer to log their account (same IP address)?

    1. Hello, I would rather not be trying to have multiple accounts, because maybe it can be a reason they can say that you “broker their conditions”, so it’s on you, but I don’t recommend it. The same IP for more accounts is ok, I guess.

    2. Hi house, anyone had this experience before? I have been seeing $1.18 as profit to be earned on my Olymp trade platform for the past 3 days now instead of $1.82. Is this normal?

  28. Hello Sir.
    Please, how can I verified my account?
    I’m a trader on this platform already.
    I’m a Nigerian, I made a deposit successfuly and traded even though I lose this time bcoz I’m a newbie, but I had learnt some important things.

    But have not veryfy my identity as you have explained above.

    Please, how can I do that?


    1. Hello David,

      you need to send the appropriate documents to verify your account. Usually, it’s:

      – Identity verification (a scan of national ID, a passport or a driver’s license)
      – Proof of residence (a scan of an energy bill, a bank statement or a credit card statement)
      – Credit card verification (a scan of your card, if a deposit is made with a credit card – you can hide the middle 8 numbers, of course)

      If you need more info, let us know.

  29. I tried a bunch of strategies. Many people advise Martingale, but many people are against it too. I think it is better to rely on economic reviews when trading instead of increasing your bets when you’re losing. What do you think is better to rely on when creating a strategy?

    1. Hey Mike, it depends on which kind of trader are you. If you like to risk and get high payments, you will maybe try martingale, but if you don’t need to hurry and you are patient, you will be trading using fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

      It really depends on many factors, I can’t tell this is better and this is bad, if you understand me.

  30. Thanks for this useful information, but my question is about identity verification. Must the name on the Visa or MasterCard tally with the scanned national I.d/driver’s licence. This is because my national I.d have my full names e.g Molly Ann Wilford, whereas my VisaCard has only my first and last name Molly Wilford as instructed in the form when I was filling it. Now, my fear is will it affect my Olymp Trade account verification and also, the withdrawal purpose? I have been practising on demo account for 3wks now but plan to start real trading this yr until I fortunately stormed your site today. And you talking about verification, so, I decided to ask before depositing any money. Pls, need your candid response. Thanks

    1. Hello, yes credit card holder’s name should be the same as the ID/Passport/Driving license, but In your case, I think it’s not going to be a problem. To be honest, I have never got a question like this and I also don’t have my own experience with “third name verification problem” but I think it’s gonna be ok. You can ask them on the support before you will go to the real account.

      Let us know, if you need more help 🙂

    1. Hello, it’s trading, so… it’s pretty easy. Some people make money and some don’t so the people that make money gets money from people that lose money. That’s it, it’s same on the every stock trading.

    1. Hello, I think that if you will text the support, they will charge your account once again, but I’m not sure. I have never tried to a re-charge olymptrade demo account.

  31. please i will like to know if this trading platform works in Ghana? and also please is there anyone who can take me through the process of learning?

  32. Please I’m still having difficulty in log in to my account via texting verification code to my phone number….and I have contacted my mobile network provider for the activation of DND service. Still I can’t log in up till now.

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment. Does it mean that when you put the code from a mobile phone on the website, it doesn’t work? I never had this problem, so I’m not sure what’s going on with it.

      Let us know more info and we will help you!

  33. I’ve been practicing on the demo account for almost three months. Recent results were quite encouraging, I deposited some money and even managed to withdraw it. So far no documents were required. I will keep you informed if there are any changes!

    1. Please, how did you withdraw?
      I tried withdrawing with the account I used to deposit in Olymp trade, but they said my bank rejected the withdrawal. Meanwhile, they removed the money from my Olymp trade account, when it hasn’t entered my bank. They are now requesting that I use an ewallet.

      1. Dear Chi, have you tried any ewallets? It’s way quicker and chepaer than regular bank wire transfer. And with that ewallet, you can even withdraw to your bank account. I can recommend you open one, depending on where you are from. Skrill, PerfectMoney or AdCash are good ones.

  34. Hi Im reading those your articles and I m littlebit confused with this timeframes please help me with it … what will be the IST timezone as compared to CEST-
    London: 9:00–17:00 (CEST)
    New York: 14:00–22:00 (CEST)
    Sydney: 23:00–7:00 (CEST)
    Tokyo: 1:00–9:00 (CEST)

  35. hey I am a newbie to all this-I wanna trade with IQ option and I from India I just wanna knw tht what is the overall process of Indian Rupees will convert in US dollar and at withdrawal how dollars will get me in Indian rupees… will it can be chargeable?

    1. Hello Senket, you can deposit in rupees and they will convert it to the currency you will choose (EUR/USD) and then they will convert it back when you be withdrawing your money.

      Let us know, if you need more info or help.

  36. I deposited 11$ but 20$ was deducted from my bank but only 11$ reflected in my acct.
    Then I requested for the withdrawal of 10$ yesterday but I haven’t been credited

    1. Hello, thank you for your message. It’s really weird that you deposited 11 but 20 is out of your account, that’s the first case like this I hear. Maybe you just put wrong order at brokers platform.

      Let us know, if you still got a problem with it.

    1. Hello, to verify your account you need to offer them appropriate documents.

      Usually, it’s this:

      – Identity verification (a scan of national ID, a passport or a driver’s license)
      – Proof of residence (a scan of an energy bill, a bank statement or a credit card statement)
      – Credit card verification (a scan of your card, if a deposit is made with a credit card – you can hide the middle 8 numbers, of course)

      If you need more help, let us know.

  37. Can olymp trade work in Nigeria because I am nigeria..
    Suppose if I invest $10 with MasterCard into my account and I use it to earn $90 can I still use the master card to withdraw like $80.

    1. Hello, thank you for your question. It’s the same with all the brokers. You need to send the appropriate documents and they will mark your account “verified”.

      I guess that you will need this:

      – Identity verification (a scan of national ID, a passport or a driver’s license)
      – Proof of residence (a scan of an energy bill, a bank statement or a credit card statement)
      – Credit card verification (a scan of your card, if a deposit is made with a credit card – you can hide the middle 8 numbers, of course)

    1. Hello, can you please specify your questions? What you would like to know? Deposit methods?

      Let us please know, so we can help you. Thank you and have a nice day.

  38. Please how do I fund my live account with Nigeria currency and how will I withdraw to Nigeria account . please put me through

    1. Hello, thank you for your question. There are many methods that you can use for depositing (Skrill, Mandin, Visa, MasterCard, etc…) for withdrawing it’s same. Just check their platform, log in and if you click “deposit” you will see all the methods.

      In case of need, let us know. Have a nice day.

  39. Hello are you sure that the chart stick is not being manipulated by somebody or management while trading?otherwise is it very difficult to predict correctly?

    1. Hello, I made a couple hundreds of trades here and I never had any problem with it, but I can’t tell you “they are 100% correct”. I have just good experience with this broker, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be someone else who had a problem. You should be careful.

        1. Hi Redgz, yes, they do. You can go and try to make a registration – check for yourself! It should be possible with no problem. If there’s any problem, let us know and we can try to have a look at it. 🙂

  40. I’m a newbie in trading, but have already learned how not to lose. All you need is to open a demo, get trained with webinars and various lessons, and practice. The company provides it all. Moreover, real trading can be started from just $10 on the account.

      1. Hello, welcome in the trading world! You started right. It’s not good to “jump” in the trading and see what happens. You need some practice before you can make some money. Let us know with what you want to help and we will try to help you! Have a nice day.

        1. Hello, I’m sorry but we can’t publish your telephone number. If you want to help someone you can do it through the comments 🙂 Have a nice day.

  41. this is a good platform, but I will like to ask a question, my question is can I deposit with verve ATM card, cause am presently in Nigeria

    1. Hello, thank you so much for your questions. Is it MasterCard or visa card? If yes – I think it should be possible. But in case you need more information, it will be better to contact the olymtrade support directly. Hope my response will help you.

      Have a nice day.

  42. I have been trading with the demo account via olymp trade mobile app. I have been doing well. I want to invest real money but I am afraid to invest because I don’t know if I am with a good broker. I am in Nigeria, how will I know if am with a good broker?

    1. Hello, how are you today? 😉 We are happy that you were successful with your trading, it means that you are a good trader, but you should always be aware of scams and bad trading habits, even if you are a good trader. If you want to start trading with real money, try the olymptrade broker or the iqoption broker, which is a highly trusted and reliable broker. The IQOption has the best platform in the business, you can trust me, I love it, haha. You can also read real users reviews about the brokers on our website in the comment section below brokers reviews.

      Let us know which broker did you choose 🙂

      If there is something we can help you with, let us also know.

    2. How were you able to download the app? I’m from Nigeria as well. Kolade Is my name. It keeps telling me it’s not available for my please, how did you download the app. And since you can start with 10 dollars I think you should give it a try.

    3. I just discovered about the Olymtrade, I have been doing well with the demo account as I made additional $10,000 with 30minutes of signing up. I am from Nigeria, please will the trade still be the same if I trade with real money? Secondly, How can i fund my account from Nigeria? Is olymtrade broker a genuine broker that can guarantee my withdrawal after successful trading? Someone please answer my doubts.

      1. Hello, it seems like that you did well on the demo account 🙂 I have bad news for you there is nobody in this world who can guarantee you that you will have the same results on the real account. It depends on your skills, so nobody can tell “how good” you will be. You can fund your account with your credit (debit) card. And there shouldn’t be a problem to withdraw your money, I did it couple times and never had any problem.

        If you need more help, let us know and we will help you 🙂 Have a nice day.

  43. I read about a lot of bad and life shattering comments. I just want to implore people to be careful. There are a lot of fake brokers out there and real ones to. There are also fake recovery agents and real ones. Most are out to get your money while some are really out to help you get back on your feet.

    1. I’m interested pls how do I know the real brokers and how do I start cos I find it difficult to even download the app. I really need someone to put me through.

      1. Hello Tricia,

        I have been interested in Olympic trade too and have been practicing on the demo account. I also stay in Abuja and wish to have a partner who I can shear ideas with and also work together to understand Olympic trade and trade profitably.

  44. I fully agree with things written in the article, especially with the part about the withdrawal of earned money. Account verification is the first thing that just needs to be done to eliminate most of the questions. I used Olymp’s bonuses, and had no problems money withdrawal as well.

  45. t if you lose you lose because of your trading skills i know so many people who lose becoz of their own mistake and then blame broker for the lose.I am trading with Olymp trade from over 1 year and now i am very happy with Olymp trade i think its very good option trading broker and if someone really knows how to trade then he can easily earn through Olymp trade platform.

      1. Hello, we are sorry but we don’t want to publish there your phone number. Somebody can misuse it.

        If you don’t know how to register at olymptrade platform, we can help you. Let us know 😉

        Thank you and have a nice day.

      1. Hello, thank you for your comment. Which what you exactly want to help? You are not able to go through the registration process? Or what’s the problem?

        Let us know, so we can help you.

    1. Hello Fouke, you can use these methods to withdraw money:

      – E-wallets like Web Money, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, Qiwi and Yandex Money
      – Use of Visa and MasterCard
      – Boleto, for customers based in Brazil

  46. I think I might have brought quite a lot of losses to Olymp 🙂 If you aren’t being greedy and ready to work with big time frames, the profitability becomes higher than 90% even without special strategies, just based on the indicators. Most of all I like working in the US session. The volatility is higher!

  47. I need tutorial and proper orientation!
    Perhaps, there might be valuable online materials that will enhance my trading skills, l would appreciate them.

    1. Hello, we are happy that you are interested in OlympTrader broker. Check their website and you will see that they have many educational materials. If you would like to know more general info about this broker, read olymptrade review.

      If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

  48. Please how and when is it eat for one to trade, I to know all the rudiments before venturing into this.
    Thank you.

  49. Olymp trade is good broker they offering good trading environment to traders Olymp trade mobile app is very simple and trading experience through mobile app is good too one can connect with markets all the time and can easily trade on mobile device customer support of olymp trade is good too and available in many languages really enjoying trading on Olymp trade.

  50. For all those people who want to start trading Olymp trade is good broker and trading platform in very userfriendly first better new traders do practice in demo account and then after practice start live account Olymp trade is reliable broker

  51. Trading Olymp Trade turned out to be quite good. As for working with him, I have only positive feedback. In addition, the money was withdrawn quite quickly, which can not but rejoice. I was satisfied with it.

    1. Hello Logan, we are really happy that you experience with this broker is just good. We hope that you are gonna have just positive experiences with this broker.

      Have a nice day.

  52. Trading Expertoption is quite enjoyable for work. During the time I worked with this broker, I had no problems whatsoever – everything is working fine, and with the withdrawal of money it seems everything is fine.

  53. Hello am Marcus, actually I began Olympic demo trade few days ago, I HV made certain amount of money above the bonus of $10000 and am confused … If I deposit, will I be able to withdraw the money I made from the demo trade….. please reply thanks

    1. Sorry to say that, but you won’t be able to Marcus. The demo mode is only for TESTING purposes. So you can check how the trading works, see if you like the platfrom etc. But you will never be able to withdraw any money from the demo account.

  54. In my opinion, the olymptrade broker is pretty handy for work. At least, I managed to work quite well with this broker, and to get a good profit. In principle, I am satisfied with the level of income.

  55. Excellent broker olymptrade. Problems with it did not arise – everything works fine. In my opinion, the company is quite worthy of attention.

  56. Olymptrade manipulates the candlesticks before trade expiry in binary options to their favor. You may think you have won the trade, but they manipulate the candlestick to zoom up to the losing majority. Whenever you complain they can’t help but refer you to their educational videos. They are not transparent. In fact they are fraudulent and they are not regulated in U.S or UK or EU. They are a big scam. How can you tell if they manipulate the candlesticks before expiry, check the price fluctuations and compare with another broker, you will find out that that’s how they rip people off by manipulation before expiry after which they return it back to the general closing price.

    1. Hello, thank you so much for this info. It’s your own experience (with the candlesticks) or just some hate without unsubstantiated evidence?

      Let us know, thank you.

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