Fundamental analysis

fundamental analysis showIn this category, you will find a few articles from our fundamental analysis show. Fundamental analysis can be applied very well especially when trading stocks. However, you can it can be used when trading commodities and currency pairs as well. We strongly recommend learning at least the basics of fundamental analysis – even a very experienced technical trader may be surprised by news releases and unusual price movements. I wish you luck when analyzing charts and making trades!

Articles about Fundamental analysis

Bitcoin? What is it? Why such a sky-rocketing rise? Can one make money on bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency. A currency, just like the US Dollar or Euro. It is a currency that is not associated with any particular country, however. Though not subject…

Part 6: Fundamental Analysis – Trading news releases! (Trading Pattern)

In this article I’ll show you how easy it is sometimes to trade using the fundamental analysis, but only if it is properly combined with technical analysis. I got the…

Part 5: Fundamental Analysis – eXbino Market Review

Most traders registered with an eXbino broker (review in polish language) receive emails with a daily market review. Those emails give you three tips on which assets to trade that day, in…

Part 4: Fundamental Analysis – 4 Steps to trade news releases

Trading news forms the basis of fundamental analysis. This video was prepared by Binary Blue Sky coaches, for an OptionTrade webinar. However, OptionTrade has disappeared from the market – they…

Part 3: Fundamental Analysis – Announcement of NFP news

It has surely happened to you that price suddenly started to move like crazy. “Why is this happening?” many of you might have asked. One of the many possible reasons might…

Part 2: Fundamental Analysis – The basics (Video)

Today, you can watch video that I found on youtube. Although it’s generally used for Forex traders, it can also help understanding how we can trade binary options using fundamental news….

Part 1: Fundamental Analysis – Introduction

Today we would like to start a new set of articles that will cover fundamental analysis and the use of global news that work in our favor. Fundamental analysis is…

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