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Bet 365 Financial Bets (Ladder Options)

I won’t be talking about any strategy, in particular, nor will this be any kind of a manual. Today, we’ll introduce Bet365 and its platform for binary options trading, but this broker ends up a bit forgotten, which is a shame, because they offer an interesting and unknown platform for binary options trading.

What is bet365?

bet 365 broker

The company Bet365 was established in 2000 as a betting company, where we could bet on sport events results. Later on, they’ve added a casino (roulette, slot machines,…) and last, but not least financial bets, which is why traders are interested in them. 🙂

Bet365 has now more than 14 000 000 active users worldwide.

Bet365 Options’ Expiration Times

Financial bets offered by bet365 are very similar to another type of binary options – ladder binary options.

Unfortunately,  bets offered by bet365 have a very little expiry time variations.

  • They either expire every 5 minutes ( 12:00, 12:05, 12:10, etc.) and the bet can be placed up until the last 30 seconds.
  • Or they expire every hour (12:00, 13:00, 14:00, etc.) and the bet can be placed up until the last 5 minutes.
  • Or every day ( Jan 4th 23:59, Jan 5th 23:59, etc.) and the bet can be placed up until the last hour.

Bets then go on just like with any other broker, with one exception. Thanks to the fact that we are virtually trading ladder options rather than high and low options, we can choose our own strike price. Depending on how far the desired strike price is from the current price our potential percentage return will be determined, which could be between 1% and 1100%. So, now you probably understand that the more accurate and more risky our prediction is, we could earn up to eleven times more than we’ve invested.

Bet365 Trading Platform


Trading platform preview in Bet365

Unfortunately, I have made the picture a little bit crooked, so you can’t really see the actual price. However, it is always shown in the upper left corner. On the right side, we can see 3 columns.

  • The first – gray – column shows a strike price that we can place a trade with.
  • The second – yellow -column is a number that we have to multiply by our bet, so we can calculate the return, if the option expires in money. If we chose YES (call) at 1.33920 and bet 100 USD, we’d won 240 USD
  • The third – yellow – column shows a number that we have to multiply by our bet, so we can calculate our return, if the price expires below the strike price. So,if we chose NO(put) at 1.33920 and bet 100 USD, we’d won 150 USD

Bet365 – Other Advantages

Other advantages certainly include a very low deposit of $ 10 and that isn’t very common in binary options industry. The minimal trading amount is as low as $ 1. This could be taken as a great advantage for novices who are still not really confident traders and are afraid to risk great amount of money.

Bet365 is a company that has existed for more than 15 years and therefore there is very little to no chance of this broker going out of business, which means we don’t need to be afraid our money will be lost.

Additionally, Bet365 offers 100% bonus for your first deposit, starting from 7 USD. I’ll be writing about trading strategies for Bet365 very soon, so make sure to follow our website.



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