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Binary options – FAQ

Many people ask me the same questions over and over, even though they have been answered a thousand times.

How to start trading binary options? Can you give me some tips?

This question is pretty tricky, for it is broad. Just about every or every other day I receive at least one email asking about how to start trading binary options. First of all I suggest you to read something, so you know, what are binary options and tutorials that you can follow.

How to choose the right broker?


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You then need to choose the right broker that will provide everything we need. A list of all brokers who are proven and reliable can be found here: Overview of brokers. They are ranked according to our evaluation.

Is trading binary options the right thing to do?

I often get asked, whether trading is only for real enthusiasts and mathematical geniuses. That’s not true at all. Trading binary options is very simple, mainly due to brokers, who in this time simplify things even further with their aid and clarity. It is true that we recommend you to study some books, but surely you do not have to losee years of life doing that.

Can you truly make money by trading, or is it another scam?

In short: Yes, you can truly make money with binary options.

Could you help me?

A couple of times we got mails such as: “I want to call you on skype so you can explain everything to me” That is unfortunately not something we do. You should take note however, that we too are just people and have only certain amount of time. So please don’t be angry if we have to decline your request.

What trading strategy of binary options is best?

It is hard to say which. In truth – it could not be said at all. To every strategy we have to plug our own brain and think, whether it is possible that the price will turn right now / or if it will  continue it the same direction.

That is why you will find lots of articles on our web, with which we try to show you how to do it. In addition to strategies it is worth to mention the series of technical analysis, on which we are working right now, but several episodes are out already.



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  1. Trading is a good thing. I lost a lot before I got to where I am today. But I thank god for binary options… Now Im profitable already!

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