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Martingale Strategy Applied to Binary Options

Hi! Today I have prepared a strategy that is very simple. It is not based on MT4 system and use of indicators, but it is based on something a little different, which makes it really easy.

I was thinking about this strategy for a long time, but only now it has occurred to me that I could write an article about it and try it out at the same time. I know a lot of people will condemn me for publicizing this strategy, but I do not care. I just share my ideas, i am not telling you how to use your money, so do not think I am forcing you into anything. 🙂 It is contrary to a lot of things that I have written on this blog so far.

This strategy is not a true trading strategy, but rather a gambling one. I have personally tried it and it worked superb so far. For some it may work out and they can make a fortune and for others it may not. This time we will be trading profusely – no more waiting for signals.

It is a strategy based on the principle of Martingale, which may tell some of you already, what is it about.

When to choose CALL or PUT

  • Just look at the chart that you can find below and you can see different currency pairs at the bottom. To the right of currency pair we can see the current rate and right next to it is: Strong Sell, Sell, Neutral, Buy, Strong Buy
  • If we see Strong Buy or Buy – choose CALL
  • If we see Strong Sell or Sell – choose PUT
  • If we see Neutral – we do not trade.

How does the strategy work

The whole strategy works on the principle of Martingale. We trade 60 seconds options with the lowest possible trade size. If we win – great! We trade again. If we lose, we increase the amount of our bet in such a way that it covers (in case we win) the previous loss from our last losing trade. That is usually about “two-and-a-half-times” amount of the previous trade.

If we bet $10 and lost, we bet $25 and in case of a profit of 70% we win $42.5. Since the total amount wagered was $35, we are $7.5 in the black.

I hope you understand.

What to trade

Recommended binary options brokers for this strategy

BrokerInfoBonusOpen Account
USA Allowed Yes
Payout: *
Demo Account: No
Min Deposit: $ 100
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Brokers for this strategy must offer option trading with expiration date of exactly 1 minute + adjustable amount of deposit.

Comment on trading

  • If we mix martingale with some other strategy (eg. Trend lines trading) – chances increase even more.
  • We recommend to trade only from 9:00 (9 am) to 16:00 (4 pm)
  • If you do not know what to do, contact us in the discussion down below!

I have spent few hours using this strategy. Here is a record of my trades. In less than an hour, I made about $150.

More info about martingale

More information can be foun here:



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I've wanted to build a business of some kind and earn money since I was in middle school. I wasn't very successful though until my senior year in highschool, when I finally started to think about doing online business. Nowadays I profitably trade binary options full-time and thus gladly share my experiences with you. More posts by this author

19 Responses to “Martingale Strategy Applied to Binary Options”

  1. i have been using this stratergy very effectively. I trade the 1 minute trades. I enter and exit exactly on the minute. I multiply my investment amount by 2.5 everytime i make a loss. My question is if i trade a call option and on the one minute chart it falls, i would usually multiple by 2.5 a call trade again and so on till i win . how many times in your experience has a trade gone uni directionally on the one minute chart

    1. Dear Varun, it’s very difficult. On the minute chart, trades can go one way for many many candles in a row. I’ve seen 10 and sometimes even more.

  2. Martingale is good on ONE condition, that you enter at the right time.
    I use martingale as follows,
    30 seconds
    RSI 80/20
    My trades are 2 minutes NOT one min
    When to enter, ONLY when RSI is above 80 or below 20
    Start your martingale

    1. very similar to mine only that i use 1 min time interval and i make good use of support and resistance levels

  3. Hello,

    Interesting strategy. But, if we loose, do we trade in the opposite direction, or in the same direction ?
    I mean, If we CALL and loose, do we CALL again or PUT?
    And when do we stop ? Is it safe to continue after the first win ?

    1. Hi Preda, with martingale, you continue in the same direction. And you choose what is safe to you, whether you want to continue or not. It’s up to you.

      1. It is safer to go alternate call and put except in a trend when you go in the direction of the trend. Going only in one direction is suicidal

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