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Part 12: Meta Trader 4 Show – Keyboard shortcuts in MT4

Below you will find a list of keyboard shortcuts which can be used in Meta Trader 4. The list is not complete as I don’t consider all shortcuts important. 🙂

F1 — Open help
F4 — Open MetaEditor (Editing or creating custom indicators)
F8 — Open graph settings with options how to change graph graphics.
F11 — Fullscreen mode
F12 — Move graph 1 candle to the left
Shift+F12 — Move graph 1 candle to the right

Alt+1 — Change graph type (Bars)
Alt+2 — Change graph type (Candles)
Alt+3 — Change graph type (Line graph)

Alt+F4 — Close application

Ctrl+F (or mouse wheel) — Switch mouse cursor into „crosshair“. I use this feature very often. It is very useful for quick reviewing of various lines.
Ctrl+G — Toggle gridlines
Ctrl+I — Show all active indicators
Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 — Close active graph
Ctrl+F6 — Switch to next graph
Left arrow — Move graph to the left
Right arrow — Move graph to the right

Page Up — Moves graph a screen to the right
Page Down — Moves graph a screen to the left
Home — Moves graph to the beginning
End — Moves graph to the actual candle

– — Zoom out
+ — Zoom in

Delete — Remove all selected elements (ie. trend lines selected by user)
Backspace — Remove last added element (ie. a trend line)

MT4 keyboard shortcuts



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