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Make money within 10 minutes thanks Tesla and its electric future!

Tesla is by large the world’s most famous producer of electric cars. Its models boast several unique parameters. For example, the cars can reach 100km per hour (60mph) in less than 3 seconds and cover up to 600km per one charge. Adding their autopilots, installed in many cars, Tesla will seem like a ghost from the future.

New Tesla models start at the price around $80.000 and in this article, I am going to show you how you can, with a bit of luck, make enough money to buy your own Tesla car.

Tesla is the company of the future

Tesla, Inc. (formerly named Tesla Motors) was initially founded in 2003 by five people. The best known of them is Elon Musk initially investing the amount of  $7.5 million out of his pocket. What is important is Musk’s charisma, passion, and visions. Elon Musk is the key personality. Thanks to Elon Musk, investors trust Tesla. It was him who convinced Daimler AG or the US government to give him a loan worth $465 million (the loan was paid back in 2013).

Tesla first gained a widespread attention in 2008, following its launch of the Tesla Roadster, the first electric car. Tesla’s current portfolio includes two luxury cars: Tesla Model S (sedan) and Tesla Model X (SUV). The portfolio will be soon expanded by a new Tesla Model 3, that should be cheaper but powerful enough to give a hard time to any strong luxury model to catch up.

Tesla keeps growing. Nowadays, they employ around 18 000 people and makes 2 000 cars a week (as of March 2017). According to Elon Musk, the carmaker plans to sell 500 000 cars till 2020. Although seen by the analysts as too ambitious, the figure is the same as the number of pre-orders of a more affordable Model 3, whose price should start at $35 000 that’s around half of the price tag of Model S and Model X).

Tesla shares grow in the long run

Tesla entered NASDAQ with its initial public offering (IPO) in 2010. No wonder, the price of its shares instantly went up. Elon Musk is seen by the investors as a safe bet. For instance, 10% of Tesla shares was bought by DaimlerAG. The initial offering allowed the company to earn a total of $226.1 million.

Needless to add that this sum was largely used for the paying of the aforementioned loan from the government worth $465 million.

The evolution of Tesla shares since the company’s foundation.

As evident from the article, Tesla cars are much about emotion. The cars are appealing and wanted by every car fan. Nobody at Tesla cares about BMW and Mercedes planning to offer their customers much more luxurious and better-elaborated interior with the same or even lower price tag. It is other parameters that make one fall in love with Tesla. Emotion is a factor that is visible on the price of its shares. The skyrocketing prices of Tesla shares after the initial offering were followed by a 20% fall in 2013. After three Tesla’s Model S burst into flames, bad publicity flashed in the media damaging Tesla’s reputation more than expected.

How to trade Tesla shares as early as 5 minutes after its offer

Emotions can be seen almost on every candlestick chart showing Tesla shares. High volatility is clear evidence of this. This is the right opportunity for you to trade, ideally using binary options. The combination of high volatility and binary options offers several options:

One of them is the One Touch, respectively No Touch option. In this case, it will do if the price of the shares reaches the price you set before the close of the deal. Same as before, volatility and binary options play in your favor. Read more about the trades: what are the one touch and no touch options.

Test you trading skills with Tesla shares!

Obviously, you can also trade the traditional High-Low binary options, to speculate on growth or decline of the price of shares. Well, if I were to go for this option I would first make a more detailed analysis of Tesla. Attention should be paid primarily to the financial results released by the company and various statements made by Elon Musk, Tesla’s architect, and key man.

Various problems of Tesla (such as crashes ending up in flames, accidents when using the autopilot etc.) are closely watched. On the contrary, videos showing Tesla’s prompt reaction avoiding accidents can help as a positive reference. Remember that with Tesla one must take into account seemingly unimportant details that would have had none or minimal effect on the prices of other car makers’ shares! (As an example, several accidents of Mercedes cars when using automated parking and automated driving while overtaking did not impact the price of their shares.)

Elon Musk himself admitted that the price of Tesla shares was overvalued. Apparently, investors do not see this as a problem and the price continues its upward trend. If you want to participate in the trading of Tesla shares you should be aware of this risk and eliminate it for instance by using the strategy of binary options.

Use IQ Option to trade Tesla shares

Will the price go up?

If you want to trade Tesla shares to make money from the growing prices, nothing is easier than to trading shares in the form of binary options e.g. via the broker IQ Option. This can help you earn money within ten minutes. Obviously, you can also use longer intervals if you wish.

If you believe that the price of Tesla shares will go up in the few next minutes you should enter a  CALL trade. If not, select PUT. After that, you will just wait until the end of the trade and then cash your profit – if your prediction was right. Do not hesitate to try how trading works right now at this website below.

Key points (recap):

  • Tesla is a maker of electric luxury cars with the mileage of 600km per one charge and the acceleration to 100 km per hour (around 60 mph) in less than 3 seconds
  • In 2017, Model 3 will be added to the current portfolio (Model S and Model  X)
  • In 2020, Tesla plans to sell 500 000 electric cars
  • Tesla shares have much to do with emotions and show high volatility
  • Given the high volatility and worse predictability of Tesla shares, one may consider trading binary options
  • The investors ignore the warning that Tesla shares are overrated/overvalued  (which was publically admitted by Tesla CEO Elon Musk) and their price continues to grow
  • Elon Musk is the company’s key man and his decisions have direct impact on the shares

How does trading work ? Try it!

Are you ready to trade on-line?

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