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Testing Binary Options Strategy BOKAY (Video)

Many people have seen youtube videos where a certain trader makes money when trading with the BOKAY strategy. Of course, this trader never shows videos where he loses money – I’m sure he’s made plenty of these as well. This strategy, of course, is paid. In today’s article, I’ll show you, whether it’s worth it to try this strategy or not.

This strategy and it’s indicators repaint, that’s for sure. But even some repainting indicators can be profitable. Well you will find a video, where real-life run strategy is tested on M5 timeframe EUR/USD and USD/JPY assets.

BOKAY strategy binary options

This is what BOKAY strategy looks like.

Video: How does the strategy work?

I think the strategy isn’t bad. But. You can never trade the signals mindlessly. Always use some basic technical analysis to evaluate wheter it’s a good idea to enter a trade or not. Trade safe!

Download BOKAY for free

A website called Best Binary Options Strategy lets you download this strategy for free and in fact, they have plenty of other strategies as well. Give it a look. Download BOKAY strategy for free.



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  1. can you recommend a very good strategy or strategies of trading binary options which can be used to build a signal bot ???

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