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Part 2: Money Management – Different Approaches

As experienced trader Larry Williams comments and explains in his book (which I highly recommend to get and read):

Unless you start to work with money management, you’ll only be a miserable speculator that sometimes wins, sometimes loses, but never makes a bunch of money. You’ll never reach the peak of trading commodities, because you’re only going to walk from one trade to another, collecting dollars, but not accumulating wealth.

Williams, Larry: Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading

There is a lot of money management types for Forex trading, but less for binary options trading. That’s why I’ve prepared some methods that could also work for binary options. I am not saying that I always follow them myself, definitely not. We can’t mix and match everything together – this methods should not be used alongside with, i.e.: hedging.

Money Management Strategy “LET IT RIDE“

This strategy counts with all the profit from the previous trade for the following one, meaning what we win, we re-invest again and if we lose any of the three trades, we have actually only lost the initial trade.

First trade:                                                                        $100 with 80% return = $180

Second trade:                                                                   $180 with 80% return = $324

Third trade:                                                                       $324 with 80% return = $583

Total profit $483, the biggest risk $324

Verdict: Extremely risky, but highly profitable strategy.

Money Management Strategy With Initial Deposit Withdrawal

This strategy counts on the fact that after the first win, you’ll withdraw your initial trade size so that in the case of another loss, you’ll actually not lose anything.

First trade:                                     $100 with 80% return = $80( withdrawing the initial $100 base and continuing to trade)

Second trade:                                      $80 with a 80% return = $144

Third trade:                                         $144 with a 80% return = $259

Total profit $259, the biggest risk $144

Verdict: Less risky, but also less profitable, however you can live off this strategy on the market well.

Money Management With The 30% Rule

First trade:                                     $100 with a 80% return = $ 180 (withdrawing $100 and another 30% that we have left(80-30%=$56))

Second trade:                         $56 with a 80%return = $ 100 (holding onto another 30% ( 100-30%=$70))

Third trade:                                       $70 with a 80% return = $ 126

Total profit $226, the biggest risk $100

Verdict: Slow, but steady strategy. It won’t cause you a lot of stress and sweat, but on the other hand it is a little bit less profitable.



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