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Try the TheRealSignals in April for free!

Many of you have already heard about the signals provider TheRealSignals. This provider is relatively fair, or certainly more reliable than OptioNavigator, BinaryOptionsRobot and similar absurdities.

A few days ago I received a newsletter from the co-founder of TheRealSignals and I would like to share it with you. It’s full of interesting information.

Dear trader,

March is coming to its end which means, that we would like to bring you a short report of what happened in the last 30 days and what you can expect in April. As you could have noticed, the number of signals was quite low. Those of you, who are following our page on Facebook probably have seen the post from Wednesday. In which we have tried to describe, what our work looks like sometimes and what situation we have to solve. If you have not seen that post yet here is the link:
There were many situations like this in March, therefore, we had to be really careful. Anyway, if you entered all the trades you should be slightly in profit or at least break even.  The second thing which we would like to inform you about via this newsletter is that we will be implementing some updates in our strategy and we decided to offer our service for free from April 1 to April 30. During this period we want to test, whether everything works properly. Therefore we would like to invite you to join us for free and to see signals come in real time.

I believe these information are useful for you and we will be looking forward to seeing you in TheRealSignals trading group.

Kind regards
Samuel Rauchfuss,
the Co-founder of TheRealSignals

I’ve mentioned a lot of times that the whole system is built on the perfect work of traders, who trade the signals also on their own. This is not a scam scheme, unlike many other binary options scams. I very appreciate their work and thanks to their newsletters like this one, you can see, that the ‘guys’ are working hard and they really mean it.

Therefore I also invite you to try the TheRealSignals in April for free before you make the purchase and subscribe to receive them. And if you are not planning to make a purchase, just give it a try, you can not lose anything – the only thing that could happen is that you make money. 😉

Get signals for free in April

P.S.: Do you aleready have experience with TheRealSignals? Let me know below in comments! ↓↓↓


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