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Developing your first Forex trading strategy: What to do?

If you want to do trading and are you serious about it you must have a trading strategy. It’s not enough to have the strategy in your head it must...


How can I trust something that doesn’t exist?

Before the very first Bitcoin London conference in 2013, a survey was carried out to gauge the spread of knowledge about the cryptocurrency, four years on from launch. Although the...

types of traders

What type of Forex trader would you like to be?

Before you start developing your trading strategy, you should make clear what type of broker you would like to be. Forex is not a homogeneous entity but offers various options...

Ripple: Is XRP the future of modern banking?

Ripple is a transaction protocol and network designed for currency exchange and remittance.  The goal was to build an online remittance network to enable instant and nearly free global financial...


How to start Forex trading

We should not pretend that the beginnings are not always hard.  Forex is no exception. Because I have lived this through, I’ll take the liberty to give you a few...

forex history

Forex history: from the first trades up to USD 5 trillion per day

Forex is a relatively young market. These days, it would celebrate its 46th birthday. Over the years, Forex has soared from nothing to today’s daily trade value exceeding 5 trillion...

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