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double spending problem

Bitcoin And The Double Spending Problem: What Is The Solution?

No doubt worldwide popularity and awareness of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is rapidly growing. Proportionally to the number of discussions,  the numbers of their users grow accordingly. Blockchain technology and...

blockchain technology

Blockchain: What Is It and How Does It work?

Blockchain is a type of a distributed decentralized database storing an ever-growing chain of chronologically recorded data interlinked by cryptographically secured peer-to-peer nodes (chains). The data are stored in the blockchain permanently...

blockchain transactions

Confirmations Of Crypto Transactions: What Is It?

If you have ever made any bitcoin, litecoin or another-coin transactions, you might have noticed that the receiving wallet was waiting for some kind of transaction confirmation. Before receiving a few confirmations, the...


Want To Get FREE Cryptocurrencies? Read This Guide!

Perhaps nobody is so naive to believe that you can get some things absolutely for free. As to cryptocurrencies, this may sound foolish. Nevertheless, today I will show you some possibilities of...


Which CFD broker Offers The Best Chances To Succeed?

The regulations taken by ESMA have several times created waves not only in the forex business. In this article, we will briefly explain what the ESMA regulations are, take a...

binance exchange

Last Year Was Tough, But We Will Kick Off 2019 With a Bang – Says Binance CEO

The last year 2018 has been a tough year for cryptocurrencies. Valuations are down 80% (and even more) and critics are claiming that a funeral is coming soon. However, not...

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