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Binary options – Tips For The Advanced

If you are not a complete novice in the world of binary options, I am sure you already know everything, what we’ve talked about on our website on tips for beginners. Now, it’s the time to look deeper into the trade itself and secure a long-term profit. You’ll find links to the most important articles on this website.

1) What exactly is a trading strategy?

A detailed explanation of how the strategy works, see: BINARY OPTIONS STRATEGY.

Trading strategy is mostly( I mean at least on our web) used for trading and following the certain rules. We always use a program Meta Trader 4. Another strategy, that has proved itself is a signal strategy. Thanks to this one, I’ve started to gain a proper interest and study binary options in depth.

2) But what is the Meta Trader 4?

Meta Trader 4 is a program that you’ll download into your PC. It’ll help you a great deal with decision-making and implementing profitable binary options trades. How to download and install Meta Trader can be found in these articles: What is MT4 and How to install Meta Trader 4.

More on meta trader here: Meta Trader 4 Show

3) Where can I found these strategies?

Strategies on our website can be found here: Binary options strategy. I am constantly trying to add new once, even though I’ve been a little stuck lately. Anyway, you can look forward to another strategy soon.

I also sometimes share a strategy on our website or in articles. If you’ll find another strategy online, do not hesitate to send them to my email and I can then share it publicity for all of us or you can add it yourself in the forums! 🙂

4) Is there something else then these easy strategies?

When this (little) earning strategies haven’t been enough and they haven’t been absolutely tip-top, I’ve always  wanted something more than blindly follow some indicators that you can’t even trust completely, when you have no idea how exactly they work. Yes. The thing I was hoping for and how most of the binary options traders earn their money is called price action.

It is a type of a trade based on price fluctuation. Unlike a technical analysis, price action trader doesn’t use indicators.

An example of price action trading is a trend trading.

Once in a while ( I try as often as possible) I write articles on precisely this type of a trade. Anyway,  I use price action myself, so I share my observations with you and also how you can become a profitable trader like me. You can find them here: price action/ technical analysis articles.

5) And what strategy is the best?

The best strategy should include both fundamental and technical analysis. It shouldn’t rely completely on indicators, but also on the human factor and also on everything you’ve learned so far.

6) Can I really earn something?

You bet. People often say that it’s a nonsense. This is absolutely not true. I can assure you that people who don’t believe on binary options and its profits either tried to trade and weren’t successful or they are the negative critics and their cup is always half empty.

However, we know that the cup can also be half-full, at the same time and we look at the world objectively. Tell me one reason why we should not earn anything with binary options.

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