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Letter from the founder of TheRealSignals

the-real-signalsThe following message was sent by the administrator of the page The Real Signals and I think it is worth publishing. I have modified the letter though, so it’s shorter, but holds the same message.

You will find my own opinion at the end of this article.

Dear traders,

Since some of you have wrote us about our signals, I think it’s a good idea to leave you a little insight into our system. You’ll learn what influences our decisions. It is true that via the section “live signals” we often send some messages and keep you informed, but we’ve decided to do so, in this public way as well.

This week we only sent out five signals – four of them have won, which kept a 80% success rate. And there were two days with no signal at all. Here’s why we only sent so few signals.

We apologize, that there were no signals for two days. Overall, we had five potential signals that we could have sent to you, but we decided that we wouldn’t. And that’s good, because four of them would have lost. Look, we can send a lot of signals, every single one that shows up in the chart, but it would be nothing perfect. I personally would not want to trade these signals, no one else from us in TheRealSignals would want to trade such signals either, so why should we tell people to risk their money on f****ing bad signals?

We are named the TheRealSignals for a reason. We want to provide signals that are worth using and trading and if we sent more signals, you would probably lose money.

And on Friday, again, we sent just one signal. Why only one? Sometimes less is more. Although the signal was only one, but it was worth it.

Like always, after today’s non-trading day, we gave you another day of our signals subscription for free. We think this provides us with better results rather than trying to trade as much as possible every day. And neither your time or your money (thanks to the extra day of signals) will be lost even if you don’t trade.

Thank you for patience. We are not one of the scammy “get rich overnight” systems – we focus on long-term profits.

As we mentioned above, this system is not a “get rich quick” scheme. We really care about our users and traders and that’s why we always don’t send signals, even if we could.

Warren Buffet himself once said “The Stock Market is a tool that moves money from the impatient to the patient.”

So, you must also be patient and in the long run it’ll be worth for all of us.

Thanks so much for staying with our
Team TheRealSignals

I think that this letter accurately summarizes in what style these signals work. And you haven’t tried it yet?

You can join the program here: Start using The Real Signals

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